Katie Losty

Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia

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Katie Losty, Physical Therapist & Practitioner for Co‑ordination & Massage for Dyslexia, provides a special treatment programme to help children and adults with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and others as listed below. To make this treatment more widely available, Katie offers training courses for Massage and Physical Therapists who wish to become practitioners in this therapy.

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The learning differences or difficulties listed above come under the umbrella of dyslexia. Each learning difficulty listed shares common symptoms which commonly appear as poor physical co-ordination, poor visual processing skills and anxiousness. This Swedish developed treatment programme is designed to address these areas. Through a special series of exercises, improvements are possible in Gross and Fine Motor skills, Ocular - Motor/Eye Tracking and Hand to Eye Co-ordination.

About Me

KATIE LOSTY P.T., C.I.M.I., C.C.M.T., Dip Bio-Energy, Member IMTA

I qualified as a Physical Therapist at Northern Europe’s most renowned complementary college, Axelsons Gymnastic Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. With a strong interest in psychology, I was impressed by the powerful effects of touch therapies along with the philosophy of the body mind connections through psychosomatic influences. I was keen to expand my knowledge in the field of touch therapies and continued my studies at Axelsons in the area of ancient eastern methods of health care through Acupressure and Bio-Energy Therapy that opened up new and intriguing channels to explore. In 1999, through Ann-Chatrine Jonsson, lecturer at Axelsons Institute, I was first introduced to the treatment method of Co-ordination Training & Massage for Dyslexia. Trained by Jonsson, who developed the therapy, I culminated my studies and formed the perfect body mind therapy. On returning to Ireland in 2000, I opened my clinic in Dublin providing the Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia programme for children and adults.

From the Sandycove Health Clinic in Dublin, I experienced success after success with those undergoing this treatment programme and as a result have featured on RTE's Open House programme along with articles in The Irish Times, The Sunday Tribune, Image Health Magazine and The Evening Hearld. With the combination of this success and the growing demand for this intervention, I became affiliated to Axelsons Institute as Course Facilitator/Trainer in conjunction with Ann-Chatrine Jonsson and now provide training in Ireland for Massage and Physical Therapists interested in becoming practitioners for The Co-ordination & Massage for Dyslexia programme. Since opening my clinic I have become a Certified Instructor for Infant Massage and am currently training with Yoga Therapy Ireland to teach Hatha Yoga.