Mindfulness Testimonials

Katie Losty delivered a super Mindfulness seminar to our psychology students which was very useful for them in a personal and from a professional perspective. Many students found the seminar exceeded their expectation and would recommend it for other students.
Kymberly Dunne, Assistant Principal, Psychology Dept. BFEI

Our daughter Luise was struggling with self-confidence. We had received feedback from her school that she was not meeting her potential and shown mildly disruptive behaviour in class. She participated in five sessions with Katie and found them very beneficial. Over a relatively short period of time, her confidence improved as did her school work and behaviour in class. She is much happier now. She enjoyed the sessions with Katie and has learnt some good skills to practice every day.
Conor, father. June 2019

My son Theo was assessed as having dyslexia. There was always a question mark over potentially being ADHD, as he was very distracted in class and finds it hard to concentrate. He attended a number of sessions with Katie over a five-month period. The change in his concentration and focus has been very noticeable to the point that his teacher was asking what had changed as he is much more on task in class. Theo is happier in himself and calmer than before. His confidence has soared. Katie has made a very positive difference his day to day!! I recommend her approach to anyone considering how better to support a child that has dyslexia.
Anna, mother. June 2019

Katie Losty's therapeutic practice is valuable and wonderful. The left brain/right brain stimulation through physical movement, combined with relaxation and gentle massage techniques have brought great benefits for my daughter. We initially sought Katie's help due to stress over the leaving cert combined with difficulties associated with a diagnosis of mild Autism. Our only regret is that we did not find Katie, who is an exceptional and exceptionally skilled person, many years earlier. In our experience, Katie's stress reduction through mindfulness tools combined with the bodywork have had more immediately visible benefits than other therapeutic approaches such as psychotherapy. Katie is a caring and gentle person and this comes across very strongly in her interactions with my daughter. I highly recommend Katie Losty and her practice to anyone interested with my very greatest level of enthusiasm.
Jane Robinson, BA (Dub) PhD (Caltech), Mother. October 2019

We committed to work with Katie to support our 8.5 year old son who at 6 was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and mild Dyspraxia. Earlier this year it was suggested he may have ADHD, yet to be formally diagnosed. Lots of labels but what we can say is he was struggling with his team sports, swimming and other activities outside of school staying focused and progressing. In school, he found it hard to stay focused and on-task, struggled at yard time as he could sometimes become overwhelmed and homework was often a pain for everyone! While he was having movement breaks throughout the day and access to SNA support he was neither comfortable nor happy in the environment. The ripple effect of this was very low self esteem and an unhappy child.

After only six 1:1 wellness sessions with Katie and gently following the daily exercise program the transformation has been profound. We had tried other modalities and support in the past and while all contributed something none of them had this impact. We now have a much happier child, with significantly raised self esteem. The progress in his swimming has been incredible, his instructor is suggesting he consider a swim club and competing! On the pitch he’s focused, playing properly and receiving oodles of positive feedback from his coaches - he’s coming home from training and matches feeling 10ft tall and asking ‘what does playing a blinder mean?’. PE at school has become a favourite subject, first time back in Sept he scored two goals in hockey and came out of school saying, “I don’t know what’s happened me, I can’t believe I did that Mum, I’m so proud of myself”. He’s gone from moaning about activities to running out the door to attend. In school he’s settled back well, is much happier and comfortable in classroom and yard. He is not having scheduled movement breaks nor SNA support. While 3rd Class homework takes a jump he’s taking less time to complete it than 2nd Class and rarely an argument over it.

While the improvement at sports, activities and school are very tangible the ripple effect is unmeasurable. We are seeing improvements in all aspects of his life. We cannot recommend the 1:1 wellness program with Katie enough. The commitment honestly requires very little commitment particularly for the results, which are experienced in a short time. The exercises take about 5 minutes twice a day, and many a day we only did once and still achieved fantastic results. What we love, aside from the results, is the exercises are fun! And a tool they have in their pocket whenever they need to use it. They have control and can do them independently, at home, in the playground, wherever whenever they need. There are no expensive gadgets required, no long term seemingly never ending session commitments, just a clear user friendly program.
Parents of 8 year old boy. September 2019